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We all face unique challenges at work and often the best way to understand them is to face them. Whether you’re looking to manage a team or build new skills and confidence to make you more efficient, professional development can give you the edge.

Here’s a selection of our professional courses.

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Managing Difficult People

Often those who present us with challenging behaviour in the workplace need special support. Refine your moral compass, understand legal considerations and manage media and reputational concerns during this dynamic half-day course.

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Dealing with Change

Industry and the public sector are constantly evolving, and having an ability to change with the times becoming an essential quality. This course is perfect for those who are experiencing workplace change and wish to improve business outcomes while developing coping strategies.

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Confident Negotiations

Learning to negotiate effectively will help you reach your workplace goals faster and take a conscious, assertive approach to communication. Learn how to master written, verbal and non-verbal communication skills and use your new-found influence in the workplace.

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Presentation Skills

Presenting with confidence can be the difference between a dull speech and an inspirational piece of communication. Combine planning techniques with practise in a supportive environment to ace your next speech, job interview or meeting!

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Public Sector Writing

If you can communicate effectively, you have mastered a skill that can make the difference between a smooth ride to the top and a stalling career. Learn how to negotiate your way through technical documents and a range of writing tasks with ease!

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The New Supervisor

Becoming a supervisor for the first time is an exhilarating career move. Take the time to develop appropriate skills and strategies for dealing with the managerial challenges you are about to face in this comprehensive course.

Knowing yourself is half the battle.

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