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Colour in the bigger picture.

Would you like to discover a new talent? Or use new-found confidence to brush up an old passion? Our comprehensive range of short courses offer everything from cookery to renovation, and you never know: you might just discover a completely new side to yourself!

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Just a few of the courses we offer

  • It has always been my belief that almost anyone can learn anything as long as the information is delivered with care and consideration of the student. The difference between doing a course and watching a video on YouTube is like reading about a fine meal in a review and actually eating one in the restaurant. One tempts your eyes the other satisfies your mind. In my courses people see technology, creativity and knowledge in action but more importantly they are empowered by experiencing it first-hand.

    The greatest reward for me is seeing the glow on the face of a student when the cloak of confusion is lifted. It’s incredibly satisfying to see someone go from digital zero to digital hero … from technologically challenged to tech savvy!

    Brad Nichol
    Brad Nichol Photography tutor
  • I was given a pocket knife at the age of 5 and have been a woodworker ever since. I love the unbroken link with ancient traditions, and the knowledge and understanding of wood as a material. It is as valid today as it was millennia ago. I started teaching because I wanted to help provide an avenue for all those enthusiastic learners unable to commit to formal training. I love to see the transformation taking place through the process of learning, adopting and transferring skills and knowledge. All credit goes to the learner!

    The course is very hands-on and intensive. Students get a chance to demystify tools, and tune and sharpen design construction and machine processes. They have a chance to get professional consultation on any relevant topic and at the end of the course they walk away with a beautiful object made by hand. There is nothing like real time, real life, real experience and learning in the company of real people!

    Mirsad Ramic
    Mirsad Ramic Woodworking tutor
  • I enjoy the interactions in class – sharing our passion for food and learning to create something from scratch. Students can ask me a range of questions and we can work through the answers together in a hands-on way.

    I teach my students how to cook to satisfy all the texture and plating of food for that ‘wow’ effect.

    Claude Fremy
    Claude Fremy French tutor and French chef course tutor
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Get in touch.

Learn an instrument, design your own jewellery, paint artwork for your home, improve your photography skills or knit yourself an outfit! Our ‘Arts & Creative’ courses are a simple way to enhance your life.

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Knowledge is power.

Whether you want to empower yourself for fun, personal development or future career prospects; we have plenty of courses from computing to finance that are sure to motivate you.

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Feel unstoppable.

Our courses will give you the knowledge and skills to take on that home DIY project, fix your car or landscape your garden!

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Unleash your creative flare.

Take on a writing project with confidence or be inspired to travel the world by experiencing a culture and its language with one of our Languages and Writing courses.


Broaden your horizons.

Improve your mind, body and soul with a fitness course, learn how to catch big fish in Canberra, or discover how to create a culinary masterpiece in the kitchen using exotic ingredients from all around the world. Whatever your interests, we’re bound to have a course that inspires you.

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Do more with less.

When performance outputs are demanding, deadlines are tight and expectations are high, what type of training should you do to enhance your day-to-day work experience?

In support of the Moran Report recommendations, we have introduced  Professional Development Days. Designed to expand learning and development opportunities for all APS employees, we offer diverse courses to cater to everyone from minute-takers to managers.

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It’s not just adults that get to have all the fun.

We now have courses that kids, teens or the whole family can enjoy!


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