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Do I need to be working in a finance role to attend the training?

You must have access to a public sector financial environment to demonstrate competence in the workplace.

Do I need to be working in a procurement role to attend the training?

You must have access to specific work practices and work-based procurement projects to demonstrate competence in the workplace.

What payments options are there?

We have a range of payment methods available. The three most common methods are credit card, invoice or payment plan.

Do I need to be working in the public sector to attend your finance training?

Yes, or you may be a private contractor working with the public sector. You must have access to an entities intranet site to access templates such as a business case, tender documents, policies and procedures.

Are there any discounts available for Professional Development courses?

Why not bring some colleagues? If you have 3 or more people enrolling for one of our programs you may be eligible for a discount. Ask us when you’re enrolling.

Can I get any recognition towards a qualification from the work I have already done?

In just a few easy steps you can find out how much prior learning you may be able to receive, helping to reduce the time it takes to reach your goal. For more information visit Recognition+.

Is the course fee inclusive of GST?

Our accredited finance training programs are exclusive of GST.

When is my course going to be held?

Your course is held on the date as listed in our course guide or on the website. Most of our courses run weekly, so if it says ‘Monday,’ then it will be held every Monday for the number of sessions specified, not for consecutive days. Please confirm dates on our website, as details can change after brochure publication.

Where is the course being held? The website gives a basic location but there’s no room number.

You will receive a detailed confirmation via email once you have enrolled. This will contain a link, or directions to, your course location.

The course is in the brochure, but I can’t find it on your website. Where is it?

If there’s anything you can’t find, make sure you have checked all of the pages in the section you’re browsing by looking at page 2 or 3. Alternatively, you can use the keyword search box at the top of the page to find your course. If you’re still stuck, give us a call and we can help you, as your course may have been cancelled.

How do I know if I have enrolled correctly?

If you have registered an email address with us, you will receive confirmation of your enrollment via email. You will also receive instant notification of your success if enrolling online. Alternatively, we can post confirmation details to you.

Can my course be held on another night? I can’t attend on that date.

Our course dates are set according to teacher and location availability, and unfortunately we can’t adjust the details for individual students. Keep an eye on the website, as there may be more convenient dates offered for the course you would like to attend later in the year.

Where is the campus located? I am unfamiliar with the area.

Our website shows you the details of all the different campuses and class locations.

I would like to speak with my tutor directly. Can I have their details?

For privacy reasons, we are unable to provide personal details of our tutors. If you have a specific enquiry for a tutor, you can send it to us and we’ll forward it on if appropriate.

My child is under the age of 16. Can they attend the course they’re interested in?

It is possible that your child may be able to attend one of our short courses, but there are a number of conditions that must be met and there is no guarantee they will be able to attend. If the tutor presenting the class is qualified to work with minors and happy to accept under age enrolments, then your request will be considered.

How do I enrol?

There are several ways you can sign up and join us! Our website is the easiest way to choose a course and enrol. If you prefer, you can give us a call, fill out the enrolment form in one of our brochures or from our website, or pop into our office at Bruce.

Who can help me to apply if I live overseas?

Our educational agents are located right around the world. They are official representatives for CIT and can help you apply for your chosen course in Canberra. They can provide you with information on courses offered, visa requirements, travel information, accommodation available, and Canberra city.

What is the learning environment like at the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT)?

We’re proud of the supportive and dynamic learning environment we have at CIT. Teachers are in touch with their students while learning is interactive and challenging. Our staff are industry professionals, with students benefiting from their expertise, support and personal attention. Many of our learning professionals have the ‘inside knowledge’ from their field, which gives their students the edge in the job market.

Our program delivery is innovative, and we are always looking for new ways to stay ahead in a constantly changing world. When developing programs to fit this dynamic environment, we talk with our clients and industry to work out what the job market needs. Our programs are industry-focused and well regarded in business and the community.

What are the accommodation options like at the Canberra Institute of Technology?

CIT offers a range of accommodation options to suit all tastes with on-campus, off-campus and homestay accommodation! CIT residences are managed by a dedicated staff member within the International Services Unit. Some of our options include:

On-campus accommodation: Mere footsteps away from your classes, so you’ll never be late! CIT Bruce Residence has been built in a semi-bush environment and is located on the northern side of Canberra in the grounds of our Bruce campus. The residence is a three-minute walk from classrooms, canteen, library, gym and the International Services Unit. It is a short bus trip from key amenities including Canberra city and Belconnen shops.

Off-campus accommodation: The Monterey Apartments are located in Canberra City, a short distance from CIT Reid and within walking distance of shopping and recreational centres. Centrally located, these apartments are also close to museums and galleries, a wide variety of shops, restaurants, cafés, cinemas, clubs, pubs, theatres, transport and Canberra’s beautiful Lake Burley Griffin.

Homestay: What a great way to experience your first visit to the National Capital! Living with a Canberra family offers a welcoming environment where you can concentrate on your studies and provides a stable base for your new life in Canberra.

Rent or Share Accommodation: Students have the option to independently rent their own property in Canberra or live in share accommodation with other people/students.

Independent Residences: Stay at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)! The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) Residences are set among landscaped gardens at the AIS Canberra Campus, not far from CIT’s Bruce Campus. The ASC Residence consists of blocks that are four stories high, each with 12 single rooms, daily breakfast and dinner in the Residences Dining Hall, free laundry facilities and internet!

I’m an overseas student. Which courses can I do at the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT)?

Over the past 10 years, CIT has welcomed thousands of students from more than 90 countries to complete their studies in everything from English to Fitness Training. CIT offers international student visa holders over 80 courses ranging from certificates through to bachelor degrees. Our internationally recognised courses offer a well-balanced combination of theory and practical experience, so students graduate with invaluable industry skills and enterprise connections.

CIT offers a diverse range of courses and currently includes the following subject areas:

• Art – Design – Media
• Business – Accounting – IT
• Community – Children – Disability
• English – ACT Year 12
• Environment – Science – Technologies
• Fitness- Health – Beauty
• Hospitality – Culinary – Events

What are some of the services available through the ISU?

There are four main aspects of the International Services Unit that are available for students to utilise:

The Admissions Team are a student’s first point of contact. They assist with enquiries, application processing, health insurance and finalising the enrolment process.

Our Student Advisors help students during their time studying at CIT. They can answer questions about a range of things such as changing your program, visa extension, fees and study support.

The Finance Officer is available to process payments for course fees and other expenses related to your program.

The Accommodation Officer is available to help regional and international students with accommodation placement and to offer support for students living in CIT residences.

What is the International Services Unit (ISU)?

The International Services Unit manages the recruitment of international students who wish to attend the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT). We assist in this process in a variety of ways, with representatives around the world and regular marketing and recruitment activities. We’re the main point of contact for international students at CIT from the moment they inquire through to the completion of their program.

With experienced staff members who understand the unique challenges facing international students, the ISU can help with any questions, problems or issues that may arise during their time at CIT, including stress, fitting in and adjusting to their new lifestyle.

Does the Centre for International Language Training Service the public?

The Centre for International Language Training specialises in the intensive language training required for professionals working overseas. As such, we mostly service the corporate and government sectors. Corporate clients are welcome to enquire about small group training for workers preparing for international deployment. If you’re an individual looking to learn a language, check out the Centre for Short Courses.

What does it cost to attend the Centre for International Language Training?

Our training is fully customised, so there’s no set cost to learn a particular language. Rather, we establish each client’s needs and then build a package that takes tutor cost, venue requirements and existing workplace contracts into account. If you are an individual wishing to learn a language, then our Centre for Short Courses can help.

Does the Centre for International Language Training offer translation services?

We do! CIT Solutions offers a variety of translation services, with the cost being dependent on the language requested and the nature of the work. Contact us to arrange a quote.

Do you use scenario-based training in your programs?

Yes. Scenarios underpin your training, providing the opportunity for you to engage in and demonstrate the use of key skills. For example, during investigation training you will conduct an investigation and obtain information from a witness, interview a suspect, conduct an inspection and give evidence.

Why is CIT Solutions the best place to do Investigations, Intelligence and Risk training?

We have a range of facilitators with significant, current industry experience in the areas they facilitate, including relevant government departments. Their training is up-to-the-minute, engaging and readily utilised.

How long do I have to complete my qualification?

Our policy requires that your assessments be completed within 6 months. If you are experiencing exceptional circumstances, please see your facilitator as soon as possible.

How does Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) work, what do I have to do?

RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) will give you credit/recognition for previous education and/or experience. We can provide you with an RPL kit making it easy for you gather the evidence required to give you credit. We also have a dedicated recognition officer to assist in a smooth and pain free RPL process. Learn more about Recognition+.

I have special dietary requirements. What options are available to me in regards to catering?

All of our programs are fully catered and we provide hot beverage making facilities, morning tea and lunch. Those with allergies or special needs may select vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or allergy friendly meal options. Please provide plenty of notice so that we may organise your choice.

What do I do if I cannot attend class?

If you cannot attend a class, you are responsible for informing your employer and program coordinator as soon as you are able. The CIT Solutions team can then devise a plan for you to catch up.

What happens if I can’t finish my qualification in the allocated time?

Our aim is to help you succeed and achieve your goals. If circumstances arise that prevent you from completing within the allocated time frames, you have the option of applying for an extension with your program coordinator.

Can your qualifications be used for getting jobs in other states?

All of our accredited programs are certified as nationally recognised qualifications. So when you study with us, your skills will be recognised in every Australian state and territory.

If I have completed a Diploma of Government, can I get credit towards another Diploma?

If you undertake another Diploma in the Government package (PSP), there will be core units that can provide you with direct credit transfers from your previous Diploma.

How do I access your eLearn system?

You can access eLearn via this website! For your reference, the URL is

I’m concerned about developing enough experience, because I don’t currently work in Training and Coaching. How will I learn?

We know that not everyone who comes to coaching has experience as a trainer – that’s why you’re doing the course! We simulate a workplace learning environment during the face-to-face component of our Certificate IV of Training and Assessment program to give you the experience of working in a training environment.

Are the Centre for Training and Assessment’s courses available for Recognition of Prior Learning?

They sure are! The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and the Diploma of Training Design and Development are available through our RPL program, Recognition+

Does CIT Solutions service the private sector?

Absolutely! While we value our strong relationships with state, territory and federal governments, we also design and deliver courses for corporate clients and the wider community. If you’re looking to develop a specialised qualification for your staff or require immersion training before embarking on an overseas venture, then we can help.

What’s the difference between workshops, programs and short courses?

We offer a variety of training methods to help you on your way. Our workshops are generally non-accredited one or two day courses designed to equip you with a specific skill. They might help you to complete a specific work task or come in the form of professional development. Depending on the workshop, it may give you advanced standing to enter an accredited program in the same field.

Programs are what we call our accredited Certificates and Diplomas. They generally require a larger time and workload commitment, but you will be rewarded with a relevant and portable qualification that could enhance your career prospects or job performance.

Short courses are made up of one or several sessions, and are generally administered by our Centre for Short Courses. We offer training in a variety of subject areas, from home improvement to languages. Short courses are available for most levels of experience and are available at convenient times and locations.

Does CIT Solutions offer HECS/HELP, Centrelink discounts, or government funding for accredited programs?

As we are the commercial arm of the Canberra Institute of Technology, we do not receive government funding and in turn cannot offer any form of Commonwealth loan including Centrelink, HECS or HELP loans.

How long after I complete my assessment will I receive my certificate of qualification?

You will receive your documentation within 6 weeks, but it often arrives sooner.

If I have completed a Certificate IV in Government, do I receive credit towards another Certificate IV?

Congratulations on receiving your qualification! If you choose to undertake another Certificate IV in the Government package (PSP), successfully completed core units provide you with direct credit transfers from your previous Certificate IV Government.


What does PRINCE2 ® stand for?

PRINCE2 ® stands for Projects in a Controlled Environment, and is the second version of the PRINCE system originating in the UK in 1989.

I’m ready to begin studying, but I can’t pay right away. What are my options?

Sometimes you need a little help while things fall into place. To assist with your journey, CIT Solutions offers an instalment plan for several programs. Payments must be made in four instalments in accordance with an approved schedule and the payment plan attracts a $100 administration fee. The final payment must be made before you finish the course and you will not be issued with a qualification until all outstanding fees have been paid.

What is the difference between PRINCE 2 ® and PYMBOK?

PRINCE2 ® is a project management program that shares functional and financial authority with senior management, not just the project manager. This program has a focus on aiding the project manager to oversee projects on behalf of an organisation’s senior management. PRINCE2 ® provides a single standard approach to the management projects, which is why many government and global organisations prefer this option. It is also favoured for its usability, as it is easy to learn, even for those with limited experience.

PMBOK is short for Project Management Body of Knowledge. Users of this system find that it has more substantial frameworks for contract management, scope management and other aspects which are arguably less robust in PRINCE2 ®.

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PRINCE2® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited.
PRINCE2® training is provided in partnership with GXO Change.

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