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Study Security, Risk & Investigations at CIT Solutions

Compliance and security are fundamental to the successful operation of many organisations, but it can be challenging to establish organisational capacity.

Our team has worked with our clients in the public and private sectors as investigators, intelligence analysts, security practitioners, security consultants and vetting officers. Their experience and advanced knowledge can help you to prevent and detect fraud, conduct investigations effectively and ensure organisational compliance.

Our dynamic courses go beyond the classroom, teaching you the best skills for the real world by using scenario-based interactive learning that turns complex procedures into understandable, easily executed tasks.

APS Job Families: Compliance and Regulation, Intelligence, Monitoring and Audit.

Security & Risk Management Courses

Investigation, Fraud & Statutory Compliance Courses

  • PSP41512 Certificate IV in Government (Investigation)
    Develop key investigative skills, learn to communicate and interview effectively in this program designed for those who need to plan, conduct and report on an investigation. Available in Administration or Criminal specialisations.
  • PSP51712 Diploma of Government (Investigation)
    Learn to successfully combine managerial and investigation leadership skills in the role of an investigations manager. Manage team members and stakeholders while adhering to relevant legislative and organisational requirements.
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