Link strategy, function and culture.

This specialist qualification covers the competencies required of those managing human resources within a public sector organisation.  Participants are likely to be working in management roles and have experience across a number of HR functions, including supervisory experience.

Completion of the program will provide an opportunity to further build capability, particularly at a strategic level. The program combines core units for effective public service performance with specialist units across a range of HR functions relevant to the participant and their organisation’s context.

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PSP60412 Advanced Diploma of Government (Human Resources)

  • Define, explain, illustrate and reason with the key human resource management concepts, with an emphasis on strategic concepts.
  • Identify the linkages between HRM functions and operations and organisational strategies, structures and culture.
  • Demonstrate knowledge in specialist HRM functions relevant to their organisational setting.
  • Demonstrate leadership capabilities for HRM functions and teams.
  • Apply knowledge and techniques to manage complex staffing situations, both within their own team and in a consultancy role.
  • Apply a range of communication techniques to convey HR information and resolve problems, with a particular emphasis on building and maintaining relationships and adapting to diverse audiences.
  • Use a range of techniques to find, organise, analyse and present HR information in a legal, professional and influential manner.
  • Demonstrate behaviours consistent with professional public service, including ethical decision making, impartiality, respect and accountability.



Quizzes, Discussion board questions, case study analysis, short answer questions, assessment interview, third-party report.

Awarded by

Canberra Institute of Technology

Units of Competency
  • PSPHR603B        Provide advisory and mediation services
  • PSPHR612A         Manage recruitment
  • PSPHR613A         Manage retention and separation
  • PSPHR614A         Manage employment relations
  • PSPHR615A         Manage human resource development strategies
  • PSPHR616A         Manage performance management system
  • PSPHR617A         Manage redeployment
  • PSPHR618A         Manage human resource information
  • PSPHR619A         Manage remuneration strategies and plans
  • PSPHR620A         Manage organisational development
  • PSPHR621A         Manage organisational design strategies
  • PSPHR702B         Formulate a strategic human resource plan
  • PSPHR703A         Provide leadership in strategic human resource management
  • PSPMNGT611A   Manage evaluations
  • PSPOHS601B      Establish and maintain a workplace safety system

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Participants should be currently working in a human resources role in a public sector organisation, or contracted to commence a relevant position. Participants must have the capacity for independent, self-directed work. Access to the specific work practices and appropriate level of work-based projects required to demonstrate competency in the units undertaken.

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