A week of total engagement.

If you need the linguistic macro skills required to succeed in speaking and writing your target language at a professional level, then the most efficient way to learn is with our immersion technique – an entire week of living and breathing a language in a supportive environment.

Activities and outcomes

  • Speak in your target language at all times.
  • Complete activities with other learners in the language.
  • Engage in role-plays and relevant scenario-based learning.
  • Feel confident speaking in formal and informal situations.

If you have more time to study, why not check out our Survival and Intensive courses?

These courses provided by the Centre for International Language Training are designed for enrolments from the public or corporate sectors. If you are an individual looking to learn a language outside business hours, please see the Centre for Short Courses.

If you have something to ask, we’re ready to help.

Yosheila Jeelall is waiting to answer any questions you might have on 02 6232 6723. Perhaps you would like to provide us with feedback or send her an email.

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